ufkk Banja Luka

The University Photo Cinema Club was founded in 1977. The activities of the University Photo Cinema Club are aimed at the popularization of photography in general, with special emphasis on creative – exhibiting photography.

This is especially intensified and expressed in the last 25 years.

The first group of activities is educational and is manifested through the organization and holding of course photos, as well as many creative photo workshops.

So far held more than 60 courses (elementary and advanced), through which trained over 1 000 people.

The second part of the activity is focused on creative – exhibitions or art photography. Continuous global trends and developments in photography, members of the University Photo Cinema Club are present in many important international photography events. Our photo club has the largest number of active members – exhibitor (thirty) in relation to all photo clubs in the region, and our members are participants of photographic salons and exhibitions around the world. Photos of our authors were received, exhibited and awarded on all continents.

So far we have organized over 70 different photo exhibitions which has greatly contributed to the popularization of photography in this region.

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