Photo Group Art Team

The idea of forming a photo group, which would include young members and collaborate with photographers who were taking their first steps, emerged in 2013-2014. However, it remained just an idea until 2020. During this time, a significant amount of time had to be allocated and clear goals and guidelines needed to be established for the group.

In 2020, a few enthusiastic individuals without a clear direction decided to start a photography group comprised of people who practiced and loved photography. Their sole purpose was to come together through photography. The combination of socializing, photography, and the enjoyment of drinks helped many individuals regain their social lives during a time when it was taken away from all of them. As the photo meetings continued, the group grew rapidly, and consequently, the needs of the group began to change.

At one point, the group consisted of over 40 photographers and beginner members. What initially began as a modest idea to discuss photography and occasionally organize photo outings evolved into a group of photographers who have successfully organized large exhibitions and events, including the First International Festival of Photography “Sarmates” in their Paracin. Many photographers within the Art Team Photo Group have also pursued professional photography, with the group serving as a stepping stone and entry point into the field.

Currently, it is challenging to determine the exact number of members as some have moved away or are pursuing university studies.

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