Pantelis Kranos

Pantelis Kranos was born in Limassol in 1965. After completing his studies in the USA in 1988, he immersed himself in his trading business. Pantelis has always had a deep affinity for the sea, as his childhood home was just a few meters away from its shores.

Early on, Pantelis developed a passion for photography, which flourished alongside his role as an instructor of scuba diving in a diving club. Naturally, he ventured into the realm of underwater photography, capturing the mesmerizing beauty beneath the waves. As time went on, Pantelis expanded his skills to include studio photography, specializing in working with models. He also delved into street photography and explored various other genres.

Pantelis is an esteemed member of the Cyprus and Greek Photographic Society, having achieved numerous local and international accolades and distinctions. His notable photographic titles include EFIAP/d2, EDIPA/p, EPSA, Grand Master ICS, Grand Master APS, and Grand Master HPS.

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