Ivana Jovanovska – Kuzmanovska

Ivana Jovanovska – Kuzmanovska was born in 1988 in Kumanovo. She completed her elementary and high school education in Kumanovo. As she started discovering herself, she realized that art was an important part of her personality. As she was growing up, she felt most at ease while painting, holding the brushes and enjoying watching the colors on the canvas. Throughout her teenage years, she was participating in numerous art colonies and exhibitions. She continued feeling passionate about art; however, she decided to enroll at the Faculty of Pedagogy and to become a part of the educational system. Although completing her studies with success, she felt that a part of her was missing. It was around that time that she took up a photography course organized by Photo Club ‘Kumanovo and conducted by Vladimir Jovanovski. Photography showed her a new way of seeing things and she fell in love with it. Using light, guided by the power of the present moment, she creates photographs offering a new perspective on the world. Her most characteristic photos are scenery photographs where she combines calm straight lines and color contrast. She has taken part in numerous national and international exhibitions such as Malinski photo Festival, ‘Tumba’ by the photo club ‘Kumanovo’, ‘Circle’ and ‘Women and photography’.

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