Ivan Stojanović

Ivan Stojanović, an IT engineer born in Kragujevac in 1968, has had a passion for photography since his early childhood. He started exploring photography with cameras like “Altix” and later “Zenit E”. During his time in elementary school, he discovered the magic of the darkroom and became a member of the photo cinema club “Kragujevac” in 1983. His work has been published in numerous magazines in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and he has collaborated with renowned agencies such as “Reuters” and “Associated Press”. Ivan has served as a photo editor for magazines like “Pogledi” and “Šumadija”, as well as a technical editor for the newspaper “Šumadijski sportski nedeljnik”.

After the dissolution of the “Photo Cinema Club Kragujevac” in 1993, Ivan took a twenty-year hiatus from photography. However, with the establishment of the “Photo Club Kragujevac” in 2013, he rekindled his love for the art form. Embracing digital technology, he embarked on a new phase of his photographic journey and achieved remarkable results at exhibitions. To date, he has participated in over a hundred exhibitions under the auspices of organizations like FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art) and FSS (Photographic Association of Serbia), earning more than 60 awards and recognitions. In 2020, he held his first solo exhibition in Leskovac. Ivan has also organized and led six inclusive photo workshops in collaboration with the “Forum of Disabled Youth”, acting as the main lecturer and organizer.

Additionally, Ivan is the creator and organizer of the photo safari “Gruža-Borač-Knić” and the accompanying photo exhibition “Knić and Gruža through the Lens”. He has organized several independent and club exhibitions under the patronage of the FSS. As the president and founder of the Photo Club “Objektiv” in Kragujevac, Ivan continues to contribute to the photography community.

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