Bir Ses Ver

The “Bir Ses Ver” photography group was established in 2016 by a collective of talented female photographers. Annually, during the month of March, the group unveils their captivating projects, each thoughtfully centered around a distinctive theme. Noteworthy for their creativity and innovation, the group’s previous projects have been nothing short of remarkable, showcasing their evolving prowess:

  1. “Bir Ses Ver” (Creative Edit): The inaugural project that set the tone for their artistic journey.
  2. “Sade” (A Minimalist Approach): An exploration into the realm of minimalism, a testament to their artistic versatility.
  3. “Bir İnsan Bir Masal” (Portraiture): Delving into the captivating world of portraiture, capturing the essence of human tales.
  4. “Işık Hikayeleri” (Light and Shadow): A mesmerizing play between light and shadow, crafting narratives through visual contrasts.
  5. “Covid-19” (Impressions of the Pandemic): A poignant portrayal reflecting the impact of the pandemic on our lives.
  6. “Sakince” (Still Life): Finding beauty and intrigue in the simplicity of everyday objects.
  7. “Belgesel” (Documentary): A venture into the world of documentary photography, a departure from their norm.

Throughout these compelling projects, the collective’s members have garnered a multitude of awards both on the national and international stages. Their works have graced diverse exhibitions, earning them well-deserved recognition. Notably, Birol Kayrak has consistently served as their curator, expertly guiding the artistic direction of their projects, with the exception of the documentary endeavor.

A. Güzin Özlü: Rengahenk
Çiçek Kıral:Pastorel
Ebru Baysan: Çizgi
Elif Canarslan:Gölge
Fikriye Yargılan: Saye
Neşe Çelen: Düş suda
Nilgün Temel: Vals
Özge Özer Meranezlioğlu: İzlerim
Semra Yıldırım: Estetiğin Üç Hali

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