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Kokino is a Bronze Age archaeological site in the Republic of North Macedonia, approximately 30 km from the town of Kumanovo, and about 6 km from the Serbian border, in the Staro Nagoričane municipality. It is situated between about 1010 and 1030 m above sea level on the Tatićev Kamen summit and covers an area of about 90 by 50 meters, overlooking the eponymous hamlet of Kokino.

The Church of St. George is a Macedonian Orthodox church in the village of Staro Nagoričane, near Kumanovo in North Macedonia. It is noteworthy both for its architecture and its frescoes. It is considered a 14th-century masterpiece of the palaiologan time and a key example of Christian heritage in this area.

The Zebrnjak monument is located on a high location in the village of Mlado Nagoričane, near Kumanovo, Macedonia. It was built in 1937, for the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Kumanovo which took place on 23 and 24 October 1912 during the First Balkan War, between the Turkish Vardar Army and the First Serbian Army. In the battle the Turkish army was defeated and was forced to withdraw.

Mosque Tatar Sinan Beg. Located near the center of Kumanovo, this mosque is a onedome, “Sultan” mosque and is known as Eski (former) Mosque. It was originally built in 1532 in the Turkish Orta-Bunar neighborhoods of Kumanovo. It is constructed from precision-crafted yellowish stone blocks. The unusually high circular drum of the dome and the small drum in the center of the dome are circular inside and outside, as well as a rare transitional solution inside the prayer space from a frieze of Turkish triangles of the dome. These characteristics place this mosque in the ranks of the most interesting mosques from early Ottoman period, and it is the only such example in Macedonia that possesses this kind of architectural expression of the 16th century.

Bislim Canyon is one of the natural beauties of the Northeastern region, located only 5 km from Kumanovo. Though it is was little known to the public until recent years, the canyon has great potential for many different types of adventurers. With a wondrous variety of nature, caves, unique biodiversity and endemic species, and other attractions, Bislim Canyon attracts researchers, educational workers, extreme sport athletes, and also potential investors who all share the goal of further developing tourism in this region as a benefit of economic development.

Situated in the north-east of Macedonia Cocev Kamen is a hilltop cave site of volcanic origin near the town of Kratovo. Objects (bone fossils) discovered near the cave suggest human presence since the Paleolithic. Authors agree that the site served as a gathering point for sacrificial rituals from the Neolithic, during the Bronze age, throughout antiquity until the Middle Ages as clarified by an abundance of pottery shards, stone (flint) tools and bone fragments unearthed from the surrounding areas. Several caves and rock shelters are decorated with red figurative art work. Comparison with similar sites in Bulgaria and Italy suggests that the paintings are indeed prehistoric.

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