Hotels and Other Accommodations

Hostel NAMA

Address: Plostad Marshal Tito, Kumanovo
Phone: 389 70 366 244

Hotel Mimoza

Located 2km away of the town centre, in the settlement Goce Delcev 100 m from the road for Sv.Nikole i Kumanovska Banja.
The hotel Mimoza gives you an opportunity to enjoy in complete comfort and experience the domestic ambient. Genuine cuisine prepared for your taste.
Our skilled staff is always at your service.

Address: Nikshichka bb, 1300 Kumanovo

Hotel Satelit

The Hotel capacity is 40 luxury rooms:
– 8 double rooms (French bed)
– 22 double rooms (separate beds)
– 2 single rooms
– 6 suites
– 2 luxury apartments

The Hotel’s capacity is 96 beds. Guests are provided with circadian parking, free use of the outdoor pool. The hotel complex includes a gas station Satellite equipped with all types of fuels and LPG working 24 hours.

Address: Street.2 No.1 Karposh, Kumanovo
Phone: 389 31 475 999

Hotel Bella Donna

Hotel Bella Donna is located 1 km from the city Center, on the road to Sveti Nikole.

Guests can stay in their choice of one of 7 double rooms or 2 apartment suites. All rooms are equipped with: air conditioning, cable TV, telephone, internet, minibars, modern bathrooms and balconies. There is also designated parking for the hotel and a restaurant.

Address: Street Branko Bogdanovski-Gucman, No. 17, Kumanovo
Phone: +389 (0) 31 430 434

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