Murat Ozceli̇k

I was born on 12th April 1976 in Emirdag town of Afyon city. I finished my primary school in Afyon city and completed my secondary school in Eskisehir city. Then i studied for Tourism and Hospitality Management at Eastern Mediterranean University of Northern Cyprus. Although i worked for tourism industry several years, i started to work for Export business in 2002. I do still run my own import and export company based in Afyon city of Turkey.

My photography passion started while i was at secondary school, however i gave a break during my university times, and early times of  my business life. Then I have started digital photography in 2010 after a long break. Even i do have some nature, and landscape works, my main passion is for documentary, portrait, and daily life photos. I believe that working with human at photography  is increasing the emotion of the work. Not only the feelings of the model at work, but it is also related to the feelings of photographer. We as photographers should not just capture the moment, we should add the feeling into the frame. Therefore, understanding human is the first step of capturing a good photo.

I am the founder, and current chairman of  AFFD l Afyon Frig Fotograf Dernegi which was established in January 2014. I am also member of Sille Sanat Sarayı since 2012. I have been titled AFIAP in 2014, and EFIAP in 2015 by FIAP. My first personal exhibition was in Afyon city of Turkey  in 2014, called “Human Landscapes from My Country” ( in the name of famous Turkish Author Nazim Hikmet’s masterwork, published in  1966). Same exhibition was opened in Konya (2014) , and in Trabzon city (2016). I was invited to many photo clubs in Turkey, and abroad for photography presentations, and talk. I had plenty awards from national, and international photo contests. I do still keep being lecturer for “Basic Photography” , “Portrait”, and “Documentary”  classes at AFFD l Afyon Frig Fotograf Dernegi.  We are organising two “Basic Photography”, one “Documentary”, and one “Portrait” classes every year at AFFD. We also keep being in touch with other Photography clubs / unions  in Turkey as well as in other countries to cooperate with them for sharing our knowledges, and experiences, because we may reach the success only if we share, and learn enjoying  our passion together.

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