pc Kumanovo
Member of Photo Club ‘Kumanovo’
pc Kumanovo
A promoter and a member of the organizational team at Malinski Photo Festival
Photo Cinema club ‘Bitola’
Оne of the founding members of Photo Cinema club ‘Bitola’
Founder and current chairman of Afyon Frig Fotograf Dernegi (AFFD)
Sille Sanat Sarayı
Sille Sanat Sarayi
Selma Demi̇rkol is gratuated from Anadolu University Photography Department in 2016. She has many awards in national and international contests.
Photographic Society of Wojnicz Fotum
Member of Photographic Society of Wojnicz Fotum
photo club
Formed in 2014, photo club Kumanovo from Macedonia has about thirty members and counts as one the biggest clubs in the country
photo pinema club
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